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About Techsumption

Techsumption is a market research and data execution partner that advances research, data automation, and software/mobile projects globally.

Started in 2017, our vision and mission have always been consistent; and that is to provide the best acceleration for research and software development by leveraging on industry and academic best practices with superior customer experience.

Through years spent on value creation, we have managed to cultivate trusting and tangible relationships with external partners and clients. Our commitment to exceptional customer satisfaction is the key ethos in everything we do.

Our Solutions

Market/Digital Research

Fieldwork Surveys, User Experience Deep Dive, Customer Immersion Interviews, Online Panels, 1-1 Case Study, Focus Groups

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Data Automation

Data Automation, Data Collection, Data Cleaning, Data Manipulation, Data Analytics, Operational Improvements

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Software Development

Software Development, Android, IOS, Web Platforms, UX/UI, eCommerce Websites, Proprietary and Secure, Superior Support

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Our Clients

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