There is nothing we value more in Techsumption than the ability to empathize and relate

About Techsumption

Research + Software Expert

Execution With Empathy

Techsumption is a market research and data execution partner that advances research, data automation, and software/mobile projects globally.

Leveraging on decades of industry and academic experience working with partners from multiple industries, we understand what works best in executing a research, software or data project; from initial planning to subsequent execution and improvement. Our expertise in strategic execution sets us apart in the market. At Techsumption, we believe that ideas are only as good as their execution.

From top level planning to ground level execution, our wide solutions are centered around how your target audience, consumers and customers think and feel. Empathy is at the core of our execution, and also the reason for our success.

General Statistics

Our focus on strategic analysis and end to end value creation allows our clients to dominate their competitors
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Our History
  • Refocusing and Realigning

    2022 was when Techsumption reinvented our business model and went back to the core of data consulting and strategic execution. Bringing on board key executives, we outsourced low margins projects and focused on high margins projects for growth.

  • COVID Pivot and Restructuring

    2021 was a year of many challenges as the COVID pandemic disrupted operations. We went back to the drawing block and refocused on more technically challenging and personable projects, driving deep expertise in expert consultations and data analytics.

  • Resilience and Quiet Growth

    This is a year the COVID-19 struck the world. The pandemic has dealt significant damages to both local and global economies. This year, we expanded our footprint and offered more solutions to accelerate software and digital transformation projects.

  • Forging Expertise

    Achieved 6 digits in revenue. Grew the team to 6 people, and inked a collaboration with 2 Chinese partners. Took on more than 10 projects across our market research and data automation solution offerings. Hosted Suzhou Venture Contest 2019.

  • Multiple Milestones Achieved

    Techsumption was officially privatized this year, and collaboration with regional partners began. Hosted the inaugural Nanjing Overseas Talents Start-up Contest in Singapore.

  • Techsumption Created

    Techsumption was started as a sole proprietor and took on projects ranging from sales consulting to corporate innovation.


We are constantly looking to work with good people. Reach out to us at "info@techsumption.com" if your profile fits the below.

Sales and Business Development

Looking for a sales and business development representative who is not afraid to hustle and sell globally, a natural hunter and farmer. You are expected to be entrepreneurial and driven while having native fluency in English and Mandarin.


You must have the ability to problem solve independently while having novel suggestions for the company's technical direction. We value communication and you must be able to break down complex concepts into a ten seconds analogy.

Community Management

We are looking for someone who can network with virtually anyone, who is passionate, energetic and positively lifts the mood of everyone he or she speaks to. Double points if you are fluent in at least 3 languages, of which 2 are native fluency in English and Mandarin.