TECHSUM Methodology

Our proprietary TECHSUM methodology has been executed and validated to grow any business regardless of industry or stage of company

The TECHSUM methodology works across the entire business value chain by critically assessing the project/company in its initial phase. Key drivers of the particular project/company will be subsequently identified before an appropriate solution will be surfaced.

There are 3 key solutions which form the foundation of the TECHSUM methodology, namely:

  1. Ventures Execution/Creation
  2. Market/Digital Research
  3. Business Process Automation

At the final phase, the solutions suggested will be first executed by the Techsumption team, before an executed and validated process or result will be reviewed by the client, resulting in maximal efficacy.


A successful venture/project requires a good strategy, strong execution and relentless drive. Techsumption goes the extra mile with you to achieve your business/research goals.


Research is crucial to avoid unnecessary upfront investments and costs which could be the Achilles' heel in your business/project. Validate your hypotheses backed by data and science.


Automation saves effort which can be used for more productive tasks and pursuits. Leveraging on proprietary technologies, we achieve unprecedented efficiency and effectiveness for your day to day work.

Latest Case Studies

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