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Why us

If you join our community, you will get rewards from completing surveys in the form of cash and other attractive prizes while helping to make a meaningful impact for brands and researchers. In addition, you get to tap on exclusive benefits only available as a part of our community.

Next steps

After registering, we will reach out to invite you to take part in studies and surveys if your profile fit the quota. You will then be compensated in cash or other attractive prizes at the conclusion of each survey/project. Your time means as much to us as it means to you.

How to join

Joining the panel community is simple. Simply head to the bottom of this page, read our preamble, click "here" and fill in your demographic profile and interest areas. We will automatically reach out to you when there are suitable studies/projects. We do all the matching, so you don't have to.
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Community Benefits

There are numerous benefits which come from being a part of our community as we are more than a survey company. We are a business brand and community members can tap onto our huge network of freebies and opportunities.

Earn Rewards and Cash Prizes

Earn cash prizes and attractive rewards with each survey and project you undertake. Disbursed at the end of each project

Supportive Network

Our network is driven from the top and members here truly want to help each other grow and progress together in life

Invitation to Exclusive Events

Get invited to exclusive events organized by Techsumption and our partners. Our community members always have priority.

Connection Opportunities

We encourage a robust and safe community to promote an inclusive environment where members can grow their network

Job and Career Opportunities

As a business brand, we aim to inspire and offer limitless job, career and professional opportunities for our community members.

Collaborative Learning

We provide an immersive platform for members to learn and exchange valuable knowledge on various topics and subjects

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Fill out the form in less than 2 minutes and we will routinely update you with valuable opportunities

Thanks for showing interest in becoming a part of the community at Techsumption. At Techsumption, we routinely reach out to our community members with exciting opportunities to earn cash and rewards while undertaking various projects/studies. Please be truthful in your responses to ensure a good fit with recommended projects/surveys and responses will be voided if any untruth is found.

In accordance with PDPA, your details and particulars will only be used for the explicit purposes you gave permission for and will never be distributed to irrelevant third parties. All our members will be tagged with a unique ID post registration to ensure data security.

The form can be completed in less than 2 minutes. Please click here to register your interest. We look forward to catching up with you very soon!