In the quest for greater insights and more accurate inferences, market research has long sought to speak to industry experts or practitioners who can better inform current market trends. After executing many different projects, we noticed that there are often public and private insights. Public insights are often more politically and diplomatically friendly and are relatively less polarizing in nature while private insights are targeted and informative, and contains hard truths.

The question is, how can access to these experts be achieved?

Techsumption has long since worked with a huge pool of expert candidates and respondents. In certain situations, Techsumption actively sources for relevant profiles requested by partners and clients to attain the objectives of the research project, be it more informative product positioning or whether an investment should be made into a new country.

Some of the means of engaging and incentivizing the participation of these highly skilled experts include but are not limited to:
1. Cash incentives
2. Opportunities to network with other fellow industry experts
3. Close door events and participation rights
4. An aggregated report specific to the respondent industry
5. Additional knowledge and insights from complementary industries
6. Competitive insights

Above all the tangible and intangible incentives above to engage in a fruitful conversation with industry experts, what we found most valuable in the course of our various correspondences was to be empathetic. Empathy is such a rare trait nowadays, and showing an understanding of the expert’s mental and emotional considerations is key to generating highly relevant and crucial insights that can be used to validate research hypotheses. It is also important to stay professional as while insights can be shared, proprietary information should be an area no market research agencies should venture into, as that would be a highly unethical endeavor.

Having the right experts and drawing right inferences can give you or your company a strong competitive advantage. Speak to us today to find out crucial trends.