Executing a longitudinal study is often a tall challenge in research. The difficulty of motivating participants increases exponentially with the duration, frequency, and intensity of the surveys which respondents have to complete. It is, therefore, extremely important to have a good facilitation and community team leveraging on behavioral sciences and a solid communication system to ensure data integrity and fidelity.

Techsumption recently embarked on a multiple weeks study examining full-time employees and how they would feel at specific intervals throughout the week. The research team we were working with wanted to better understand how employees relate to stress and feelings during and after work.

Project Brief

The project involved the recruitment of respondents who have specific demographic requirements, have them fill in a series of screening surveys before being proceeded for the main study which takes place over multiple weeks. Hundreds of candidates were needed for this study and a clear briefing was provided for each of these candidates to ensure they are sufficiently aware of the rigor of the study and the involvement required.

Project Execution

The difficulty of this project lies in identifying the respondents due to relatively stringent demographic criteria, as well as motivating and inspiring candidates to complete the surveys for the whole duration of the study.

As the Techsumption team executed on the project, we put in place an automated tracking tool and a communication system to rapidly establish who were non-responders and sent out multiple reminders throughout the whole duration of the study. As automation was built into our process, we were able to execute at a fraction of the costs while ensuring a high degree of data quality.

Project Outcome

Our process and efficiency alleviated the worries of our client and enabled them to fully focus on the analysis of insights from the cleaned data. Data was provided in an easy to digest format linking each response across multiple weeks with each unique ID. They were able to save a massive amount of time and gave us raving reviews.

Without strong community management skills and automated processes to execute longitudinal studies, the cost barrier will be prohibitively high. Our vision for our research execution solution has always been constant; advancing business research effectively and efficiently for researchers, enabling them to free up critical time needed to generate and define novel insights and inferences from high-quality datasets.