In market research, one of the key ingredients that differentiate between a good study and an average one is the quality of the data. Having the right data from respondents is crucial to drive analysis and get accurate findings which will help inform the researcher. In the spirit of education and sharing, we would like to share how data is usually collected and protected here at Techsumption.

1. Social media channels

We are now in the digital age. The market research industry has seen a transition in how data is traditionally collected. In the past, data is collected through offline means such as roadshows, and thick phone books in the office. You might sometimes need offline data collection for public policy reasons such as the project we recently completed here. In recent years, the growth of different social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and many others has enabled companies to reach out more effectively to qualified individuals.

2. Internal database and data

While building a database is always a good option, it is important to ensure that respondents are authentic. You can only achieve that through repeated verifications or through multiple studies. It is easy to be dishonest for one study, changing your age or marital status or even education. However, will fraudulent respondents remember what they have put for other studies by the same company? The way to do verifications easily and effectively is to ensure that all respondents are tracked using a unique identity marker that cannot be changed.

At Techsumption, we regularly refresh the list and get our respondents to answer a list of set questions or even have our own mini-surveys. Respondents who have been found to be fraudulent are permanently banned from all future studies.

3. Networks and contacts

Techsumption has been in the industry for 4 years and counting. We started off as a sole proprietor in 2017 and became a private company in 2018. We have executed more than 50 projects and through these various projects big and small, we have amassed a huge pool of networks and contacts through our past respondents and stakeholders we interface with. From doctors in New Zealand to security officers in Singapore, we have gained perspectives and delivered projects with complex challenges. Our networks and contacts enable us to find respondents quickly and effectively.

Aside from our main Techsumption arm, our Techsumption Ventures arm is connected to both the start-up ecosystem in China and regionally in Southeast Asia. This enables us to execute studies with finesse as complementary synergies are drawn across multiple business units.

As technologies evolve, it is important to have the right partners to help you achieve your market research and data needs. Having the right data enables you to make accurate recommendations and top level strategy decisions.